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                          九年級《Unit One》的導學案

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                          【課題】Unit 1 Section A 1a--2d



                          詞匯︰textbook, conversation, aloud, pronunciation, sentence, patient

                          句型︰How do you study for a text? I study by working with a group. What about reading aloud to practice pronunciation?

                          【重點難點】To express the ways of learning English? To learn how to learn English in different ways.



                          textbook  n.教科書;課本

                          舉例: Have you ever read your textbook?I study English by reading the textbooks.

                          應用: All my ___________ are in my school and I have to get them back.

                          conversation  n.交談;談話

                          舉例: He had a long conversation with his friend on the phone.

                          拓展: have/make(a) conversation(s) with sb和某人對話/交談



                          Do you ________  _________  ________ your friends in English?



                          aloud  adv.大聲地;出聲地

                          舉例︰ I read the story aloud to my sister. I can't hear you clearly. Please read aloud.

                          拓展: 同義詞: loudly   She laughed loudly.

                          應用: 大聲讀來練習發音怎麼樣? What about __________  ________to practice pronunciation?

                          pronunciation  n.發音;讀音

                          舉例︰I have a good/ poor pronunciation.

                          Please listen to tapes to practice your pronunciation.

                          拓展︰動詞: pronounce 你怎樣拼寫你的名字?________________________________  

                          應用︰你的發音很好。Your _____________ is quite good.

                          There are two different_________________( pronounce)for this word.

                          sentence  n.句子

                          舉例: The sentence is wrong. Make (a) sentence(s)using the following word(s)

                          應用: 你可以通過讀句子猜測單詞的意思。You can guess the meaning of a word by reading ______ ___________.

                          patient  adj.有耐心的;  n.病人

                          舉例: Just sit there and be patient. Your mother will be here soon.

                          My mother is a nurse and she looks after the patients in the hospital.

                          拓展︰patiently副詞 耐心地,反義詞: impatient 形容詞 沒有耐心的,be patient with sb對某人有耐心



                          1. How do you study for a test? I study by working with a group.




                          What about listening to tapes?

                          詳解:  What about=______________, 常用來表示征求對方意見或向對方提出建議, about為介詞,故該短語後接名詞、代詞、動詞ing形式作賓語

                          應用: How about ___________ (make)a birthday card for him?

                           I have learned a lot that way.(通過)那種方法我學了很多。

                          詳解︰that way在句中作方式狀語,這個短語前省略了介詞in。

                          拓展︰與way有關的短語: on the way home在回家的路上,  all the way一路上;自始至終,  by the way順便說一句

                          應用: 順便說一句,我昨天收到安娜的一封信。______  ______  ______, I had a letter from Anna yesterday.

                          It is too hard to understand spoken English.理解英語口語太難了。

                          詳解: 此句it為形式主語,真正的主語是動詞不定式短語。“too+adj.+to do”結構意思是“太…以至于不能…”。此結構表面是個肯定句,實質是表示否定,too後接形容詞,to後接動詞原形。

                          舉例︰The boy is too young to go to school.

                          拓展︰too.. to..=.. enough to..=so..that....




                          6 The more you read,the faster you will be你讀得越多,你的速度就會越快。

                          詳解: 形容詞比較級的用法:“the+比較級,the+比較級”,表示“越……就越....”

                          應用The trees should be planted. The______(many), the__________(good).



                          (   )1.--______do you tell him about the event?---By_______emails.

                          How: send  B. How: sending  C. What: send  D. What; sending

                          (   )2._____everyone______the ability to eat?

                          A. Are: born with  B. Is: born with  C. Are: born of  D. Is: born of

                          (   )3. We should pay attention to ________the pronunciation right.

                          A. get  B. gets  C. let  D. getting


                          1. The boy was b        on January 25, 2015.

                          2. She has the a         to finish the project by herself.

                          3. What about reading a          to practice our English?


                          由于惡劣的天氣,我們把運動會推遲了。We put off the sports meeting_____  ______the bad weather.

                          2. 護士對這個嬰兒很有耐心。The nurse ______  _______  _______ the baby.

                          3. 這個箱子太重了,那個小男孩搬不動。The box is ________  ________for the little boy ______  _______.



                          課本___________ 發音(名詞)___________ 談話___________ 句子__________

                          有耐心的___________ 練習___________ 緊張___________


                          看錄像_____________________ 听力技能_____________________

                          英語口語_____________________ 請求幫助_____________________

                          作報告_____________________ 主要內容_____________________

                          ....有耐心_____________________ 越..... 越....._____________________



                          ______  ______ you study for a __________?  I _______  _______ a group.


                          Do you _________  _____________ with friends in _______________?


                          What about __________  ___________ to practice ____________?


                          Its _______ hard for me ______  __________  _________ English.


                          (   )1. --How do you study______a test?--I study____working with a group.

                          A. for; by  B. by; in  C for: from

                          (   )2. Have you ever _______with a group?

                          A study   B.studying   C studied

                          (   )3. My sister said she studied English by_______videos.

                          A watch   B watching   C watched

                          (   )4. What about_______the textbook?

                          A. reading   B read   C. to read

                          (    )5. It improves my____skills.

                          A.spoken   B.speak   C. speaking

                          (   )6. I don't know how______commas.

                          A.use   B. to use   C. used

                          (    )7. If you don't know how to spell new words, look them _____in a dictionary.

                          A up   B for   C. after

                          (   )8. She needs a partner________.

                          to practice English   B. practice English   C. to practice English with

                          (   )9. She said she had practiced______the piano.

                          Play   B. playing   C. to play

                          (   )10. I spend some time______newspapers every day.

                          read   B. reading   C. to read


                          The boy is ___________(excite)about going to the Summer Palaces.

                          The teachers _____________(pronounce)is very good. Everyone likes her class.

                          _________(do)more writing practice is one of the secrets of becoming a good Chinese learner.

                          I have to finish_________(read)a book and give a report next Monday.

                          He finds watching movies_________(interest).

                          Doing morning exercises every day__________(be)good for our health.

                          I hope the _________(patient)will be better soon.

                          Watching movies is a good way____________(improve)your English.


                          She usually studies by making word cards.

                          _______  _______ she usually _________?

                          Why dont  you put your bike over there?(同義句)

                          _______  _______  ________ your bike over there?

                          She finds that learning English isnt easy.(改為簡單句)

                          She finds ________ hard ________  __________ English.

                          Little Tom is too young to go to school.(改為復合句)

                          Little Tom is _________  _________  ________  he cant go to school.

                          Lets not worry about our problems. Lets face the challenges instead.(同義句)

                          Lets face the challenges ________  _______  _________ about our problems.

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